Are you looking for a competitive Minecraft experience?

"Tried to swim in lava" is a server-side modification which delivers on this, while staying as close to vanilla Minecraft as reasonable.


This mod is a slight modification of vanilla Minecraft, pitting 2 teams against each other in an enclosed area on a randomly generated map.

Game rounds usually last around 10-30 minutes.

The goal is to kill the king of the opposing team.

Players start out without any gear and are thus required to gather resources as in normal Minecraft.

Building useful structures such as towers, hidden escape routes and traps is encouraged.

Many strategy game elements are present:

Attack Timings (the first wooden swords? or not before full armor for everybody?)

Scouting (the enemy's location is not known in advance)

Resource Allocation (how many players should dig for iron? gather food? try to sneak into the enemy base? protect the king?)

Every round is different due to varying biomes requiring different strageties.

A complete list of changes over vanilla Minecraft can be found here.

Head over to our How To Play page for a quickstart guide.


Project Freeze

11 January 2014, 18:30 by UntitledQ
Due to inactivity of developers as well as players, and due to the still high pace of compatibility breaking Minecraft releases, we have decided to freeze this project and the website indefinitely.

Thanks for playing!

Minecraft 1.5 Update

11 May 2013, 11:51 by UntitledQ
The servers have been updated to 1.5.2. Additionally the following changes were made:
  • Retired the team-coloured hat system in favour of coloured nameplates.
  • Kings will always appear to wear a gold helmet.
  • Newbies (players with less than 3 games played) will not be randomly picked for king if possible.
  • Added a tip system to randomly dispense some useful wisdom once per game.

Group Update

01 January 2013, 22:29 by UntitledQ
Hello everyone!

We just rolled out an update which adds a few simple but nifty features and fixes.

New features:
  • Added a /group <player> command to the lobby which allows you to play with your buddies. If you are in a group, you are guaranteed to have at least one other member of your group in your team. This means that groups up to size 3 will never be divided. Note that this guarantee will only be fulfilled if it doesn't interfere with having equal team sizes; i.e. if there are only 4 players, a group of 3 will still be divided.
  • Added a /teams command which will display the players in each team to you.
  • Gave water maps a 90% chance to be scrapped during map generation. These are a lot less common now.
  • Added a small parcours to the lobby.

Bug fixes:
  • Bug where one team would spawn far out on the ocean while the other spawned next to trees.
  • Bug where a team would be spawned high up even though it wasn't over water. (the king usually died instantly)
  • Bug where the grass and leaves on map renders would sometimes appear black or in the wrong color.

Public Beta has started!

16 December 2012, 22:00 by UntitledQ
Welcome, random travelers of the Internet!

After many months of hard work we are finally ready to release our project to the public!

We'd be happy to see you playing a few rounds with us or your friends and hear your feedback.

Please enjoy your stay!