Changes over Vanilla Minecraft

This is a comprehensive list of the changes over vanilla Minecraft in this mod. Generally the mod is always based on the latest version of Minecraft and will be adapted shortly after Minecraft receives a patch.

Map Generation

  • Maps without any trees are discarded.
  • Maps with over 50% ocean fields are discarded with a 90% chance.
  • A wall of bedrock is erected around (0,0) with a radius of 150 blocks. This forms the "game arena".
  • Two spawn points are randomly chosen with the following constraints:
    • they have a distance of 30 blocks from the bedrock walls.
    • they are at least 170 blocks apart.
    • their distances to the closest trees differ by at most 7 blocks. Ocean tiles count double.
  • End portal blocks are removed.

General Game Mechanics

  • Everybody initially spawns in a lobby area and remains invulnerable until the game begins.
  • When the game begins, ...
    • ... the people in the ready room are evenly and randomly distributed amongst two teams.
    • ... a king is appointed at random for each team. If possible players with less than 3 games played are not chosen.
    • ... each king is given a golden helmet with "Protection", "Feather Falling", "Respiration" and "Aqua Affinity".
    • ... if one team has one less players, its king is given an iron chestplate. (only up to 15 total players)
    • ... each team is teleported to a distinct spawn point in the game arena.
  • When you die as king, your team loses and the game is over.
  • When you die as subject, you may not respawn for 15 seconds. When you respawn you will respawn at your king.
  • When a king is disconnected for over 90 consecutive seconds this is counted as a forfeit.
  • The build height limit is 128. It is also not possible to place blocks outside of the game arena's walls.
  • Game difficulty is set to "hard".
  • Compasses always point towards the current location of the enemy king.
  • Fishing is more efficient now: average time to catch a fish is down to 5 seconds (from 15) in the rain and down to 20 seconds (from 25) without rain.

The Nether

  • Kings cannot enter the Nether.
  • The Nether contains a huge Nether fortress around (0,0).
  • Nether wart rooms are now just as common as Blaze spawner rooms.
  • Nether space dilatation has been reduced to 1:4 from 1:8.
  • Portals now only need to be 8 blocks apart in the Nether (down from 128) and only 32 blocks in the normal world (down from 128) to function independently of each other.
  • Portals being newly created by traveling are now bounded to the target location more strictly (maximum distance of 8 blocks, down from 16).
  • Portals created in the normal world by traveling from the Nether are forced to appear inside the game arena's walls.


  • During a match it is not possible for new players to connect to the server.
  • During a match chat by default only goes to your team. This is denoted by a yellow color.
    • You can still write to everybody using the command /allchat , or /a for short.
  • Chat from both kings is marked as such.
  • The player nameplates indicate the respective team colours.
  • The kings will always appear to wear an enchanted golden helmet to other players. (unless wearing a pumpkin)
  • When a king dies and the game ends a large "GG" is written to chat. Stats will not be recorded from that point on and the server will restart to generate a new map after 40 seconds.